About Us


Linkio Fibernet Broadband

Linkio Fibernet Broadband based in Allahabad, is an emerging internet service provider in the city. We have based our internet service propagation on GPON Technology which is THE LATEST in the field of network distribution. Our moto is to provide fast and affordable FTTH (Fiber To the Home) internet connections to all age groups and to all setups, home or offices. To achieve this we have built a team which is not only capable but also enthusiastic about our approach. The Linkio family shares a common goal and that is to achieve the best market standards possible.

Internet is no longer a need but a necessity, homes or business all have a need for it. Hence Linkio Fibernet Broadband.
We at Linkio try our best to achieve certain business standards-

  • Reliability
  • Affordability
  • Accountability

Traditional methods of entertainment and connectivity are a talk of the past. With this key point in mind we aim to deliver a FTTH(Fiber To the Home) Internet connection that will not only bring net connectivity but also an over all digital experience. Our upcoming projects involve bringing IPTV, IP Phones and Surveillance.

A single internet connection that will get people over all connectivity. No need to pay ten different bills , when you can do it all through one service.